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How to invite your partner

Tap on the big heart in the middle of the screen and then "OK" in the appearing pop-up, or choose "add partner" in the settings.

Now choose your partner from the address book. If there are multiple e-mail addresses and numbers, choose the ones you want to use with our speed-dial features.

Select how you want to invite the lucky one.

Please take note that due to the way iThinkOfYou works without any registration or signing, you will not be able to send or receive any hearts until your invitation is accepted or until you accept one yourself.

How to use iThinkOfYou

Touch the big heart in the middle to send heartbeats.

The time below the heart shows you when you received the last heartbeat.
Tap on it to see your history of sent and received heartbeats and messages.

The little watch hand heart symbol indicates missed heartbeats with a red number inside of it. Touch it to play missed heartbeats.

The speech bubble with hearts flying off symbol indicates unread chat messages when the "iTM" inside of it turns red.
"iTM" stands for "iThinkOfYou Mail"

The little arrow next to the heart opens the heart picker where you can select and buy special hearts.

The little phone on the lower left brings you to the Speed-Dial Screen where you will find shortcuts to call, SMS, iTM or E-Mail your partner. You can select a contact from your address book in the settings.

The little wrench on the lower right brings you to the settings.